FOTD 15th August 2022: Chinese Silver Grass

About five years ago this appeared in my garden on the edge.I have no idea why, but probably a wayward seed settled and decided it quite liked its new place. It began with a few stalks and now I have a complete plant, but I quite like it and it does not disturb its neighbours. I just called it grass, but discovered that it is actually a Chinese Silver Grass.

FOTD 15th August 2022: Chinese Silver Grass

FOWC with Fandango: Personality

At its most basic, personality is the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that make a person unique. Ok, the words are not from me, but since living on my own without Mr. Swiss, he now being in a senior home, my unique character has changed a little.

From one day to the other you are responsible for the complete financial situation. I pay the bills and make the financial decisions and have become an accountant of sorts. I have completed my fist income tax form on my own. Of course my man at the bank was a great support and help, but I have it under control. I was now cooking for myself and my son – one advantage as I could now eat what I like and not have to take others so much into consideration. No. 1 son does not eat mushrooms, broccoli or brussel sprouts, but otherwise eats everything.

I no longer watch the TV, prefer to read a book. I do not need the TV in the background accompanying my thoughts, I listen to mainly classical radio as background music. Otherwise I am a normal person (what is normal) although life is now certainly a little different for me. After sharing life with your husband for 55 years it was certainly something completely different. I think what I miss most of all is having someone to talk to, although in the last couple of years Mr. Swiss was no longer the talkative type. Growing old changes us all. I have also probably changed, but that is the problem. You never notice your own character change, because we are all convinced (generally) that we do not change.

FOWC with Fandango: Personality

RDP Monday: Buttery

Breakfast 06.05.2019

Butter and I have a relationship. We cannot live without each other. Growing up in Britain it just belonged to the way of life. There was english butter, irish butter and also salted butter. Mum always got salt butter, so it was just normal as a kid to spread salt butter with sweet jam – I know it sounds strange, but I really did not notice the difference. Of course she did not cook with butter, I discovered that myself. And then I moved to Switzerland, land of the cows with all their products, including milk from which butter was made. Unfortunately butter in Switzerland is quite expensive, very expensive. I think we have to subsidise our farmers, but no-one was going to take away my butter. I really thought with a cow population of one million it would be almost free of charge.

This is my weekly supply of butter, 4×250 grammes=1 Kilo and as you can see it is marked in the store as being budget butter meaning 3 Swiss francs instead of perhaps 3.50 for other butter and this is Cooking butter but rubbish. It tastes exactly the same as the expensive table butter. I also cook with butter and mix it with my vegetables, I am just a butter person.

I did try to use less butter. A friend of mine said she always uses coconut fat. It has a neutral taste and does not burn so easily in the pan. I tried it and she was right: very neutral and safe to use for frying, but, it was not butter. And so life continues on the buttery side. Eat a cake not made with butter, perhaps margerine. It is not the same and spreading margerine on bread for breakfast is an insult to the jam I find.

RDP Monday: Buttery