RDP Sunday: Ball

Now here is a blast from the past, but when I entered the word ball into my photo album on the computer this picture arrived.

They are the ball heads (I really do not know the english name for them), that replaced the letter typers on the IBM typewriter. They came in all sorts of type faces and all you had to do was to replace the ball you had in the machine if you wanted another print. I remebered when they were new and now I found these examples in a local computer museum we have. Even these are now non-existent, but I quite liked them. I remember my nice red IBM typewriter in the office with this new development. And now they are also qualified as antiques, although so is the typewriter. We now have computers. I realise now how lucky I was to have seen all these developments that my grandchildren will never know.

RDP Sunday: Ball

11 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Ball

  1. Yes the IBM selectric was a marvelous machine. The keyboard fit my hand perfectly and I could type really fast without error. Those truly were the good old days. SLP …

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