RDP Friday: Pointy Shoes

Shoes in Marks and Spencers

Fashion always repeats itself, although to my time we squeezed our toes into the so-called “Winkelpickers” with stiletto heels. It was perhaps a little painful, but who cared, it was fashion and as a teenager in London I certainly did not want to be left out. I took this photo about 20 years ago in a London store, yes the fashion returned, but not exactly the same. The heels were just as high, but thicker However, the points had returned.

And today? We seem to live in training shoes, with laces. No more points at the front. Today you can even get married in such shoes, although in white of course, to fit the occasion.

Even if you are working on a building site, just relax your feet in your trainers.

And some just go one step further, just let your feet feel free.

RDP Friday: Pointy Shoes

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