4 thoughts on “FOTD 8th August 2022: Mint

  1. Good morning … great pictures as usual. We have four kinds of mint in our garden and we love them all. I transplanted them … this time giving them PLENTY of room to grow, and within 48 hours each plant had spread its wings and created a lovely spray about 2 feet in diameter … the Thai mint was especialliy breathtaking. Also the spearmint and peppermint are doing fine. The last type is form a colleage at work who hails from India, he gave me a sprig and it has expanded nicely. At the old place I had then in containers like maniy of our plants, but here at the new place I have been digging a garden bit by bit … and putting the plants in .. leaving them with plenty of room … and they look delightful when they spread out. Take care and have a great day. Hope it is not as hot there as it is here … SLP …

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    • I just have some peppermint in my raised bed, not too much up to now. I once had spearmint in the garden, but I had to remove it as eventually there was nothing else growing except for spearmint. Just too much of a good thing.


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