RDP Sunday: Understand

When the cook in the senior home enters the enclosure with the animals, they need no language. No mater if you are pig, rabbit or chicken, they all go into action and wait together patiently until the days ration is distributed. Of course they get their regular food otherwise, but nothing is put into the garbage, almost nothing. Probably we humans would refuse potato and carrot peelings, but not the pigs or rabbits. It is the delicacy of the day. Each animal has its favourite and it seems No 1 in the pig hit parade is potato remains. The rabbits are more into carrot peel and I am not sure about the chickens, but they always seem to find something. Understanding in their world seems to be connection with edible material.

RDP Sunday: Understand

3 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Understand

  1. When I fry potatoes I always scrub the skin before slicing and then fry with the skin on. I microwave potatoes and eat much of the skin.
    Carrots I scrub well and gently scrape off (not peel) the top layer before cooking.

    My garbage is still full. 😦 Need to get a pig or two. 😉

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