RDP Wednesday: Surreal

There it was hanging on my garden waste garbage can as it it had found a new home. It seemed to have a problem with organising its eight legs although I must admit after finding five I gave up searching for the other three. They were probably curled up. I must say it was an acrobat in his aracinida shape and I decided to leave it to its own surreality. It did not look very friendly either.

RDP Wednesday: Surreal:

6 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Surreal

  1. “All spiders come with eight legs. However, that is not to say that there are no spiders with six legs. It is common to come across spiders that are missing a leg or two, or even more. But that is not how the spider was originally.”

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  2. We had a black house spider in the lounge room last night. They have a particularly nasty bite so I attempted to murder it. In the end I had to place the all purpose spray can on top of it.

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