FOWC with Fandango: Flush

If you kill someone, especially with a knife, you do not flush the blood away in the toilet. You can leave traces. However, I did not kill anyone, as I cannot stand the sight of blood. No this is something else.

It all began with six large cans of diced tomatoes in a sauce and then I discovered that 6 months ago the date had expired for consuming them. Actually my cleaning lady discovered that they were ready for the garbage. I decided they were too heavy to dispose of in a garbage bag, so I opened them and one after the other poured them into the toilet. I only flushed one at a time as it would be too much blood/tomato in the toilet. I still have two to go, but the evidence is no longer there and no-one can prove my muder on six cans of tomatoes. I am completelely innocent although I believe the police are still seaerching for six empty cans.

The evidence has now almost disappeared.

FOWC with Fandango: Flush

RDP Wednesday: Surreal

There it was hanging on my garden waste garbage can as it it had found a new home. It seemed to have a problem with organising its eight legs although I must admit after finding five I gave up searching for the other three. They were probably curled up. I must say it was an acrobat in his aracinida shape and I decided to leave it to its own surreality. It did not look very friendly either.

RDP Wednesday: Surreal: