On my raised herb bed I have origano and savoury planted together. This seems to be ideal for the bee population.

Their flowers seem to be nectar for their souls.

As soon as the sun arrives in the afternoon they begin to swarm and not only a few minutes, but all afternoon. This has been happening for the past month. How much pollen can a bee digest? There must be at least 50 bees getting their fill..

Swiss National Day

I visited Mr. Swiss in his Golden Oldie Home this afternoon and they too had celebrated the Swiss National Day. A member of the local government paid them a visit and said a few words and afterwards they had a large meal with all sorts of Swiss specialities. As you can see the table was also decorated accordingly. This was mid afternoon and so the action with a full table was over.

1st August – Swiss National Day

As a Brit I do not even celebrate St. George’s Day so why should I celebrate the Swiss Day. Probably because I am surrounded by eight million Swiss and have no choice. I bought a Swiss pat to eat with some pickles for the eveningi meal, however I made a big mistake. I decided to get a jar of Cumberland Sauce to have with it.

Unfortunately one of the Wasp tribe, and it is a very large tribe, decided it was invited. Luckily I was on the finishing touches to my food so I left it to enjoy the meal on its own.