The circus has arrived.

Switzerland has a national circus belonging to the Knie dynasty. It has been for many years in their hands, from father to son and now we are with the great grandchildren that are behind it. They have their centre on the lake of Zürich where they also have a zoo, but travel through Switzerland all through the Summer. They always have guest stars every year, usually members of the Swiss entertainment sector.

Now they have arrived in our town of Solothurn.

Their wagons are parked everywhere housing their staff and we also have animals here and there in their cages, although no longer lions, tigers or elephants but just mainly horses. The exotic animals are now a thing of the past, although there are a few camels here and there. The attraction of the circus has also changed over the years. Visiting Circus Knie is still popular for the children when it arrives at the various towns of Switzerland. They only stay for a few days and disappear again as quickly as they arrived.

2 thoughts on “The circus has arrived.

  1. Oh the circus has arrived .. you village must rank high if the circus decides to take up residence there for the Swiss National Holiday … sounds like a weekend of real fun !!!

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    • I live in a village and next to our small market town and that is quite big enough to have our state circus. the circus travels through Switzerland and stays in all the larger towns. It is perhaps a coiincidence that this year they are in Solothurn on 1st Aigiust, it does not happen every year. I am not a circus person, but the kids like it.


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