1st August again

So what is the fuss about 1st August? Ask the Swiss because the eight million population of the country will be celebrating their national day on Monday. The golden oldie home where Mr. Swiss resides has already been decorated as are our roads with various flags. We Swiss naturally have to do something different with our flags, so they are square and not oblong like other flags.

This year all pets (cats and dogs and others) will be happy. They will not be hiding under the bed or shaking whilst the fireworks are exploding most of the night. Thanks to the hot weather and dangerous fire situation, all fires and fireworks have been banned. There will be no flash-bangs sending Fido or Tabby into trembling fits. For once they will be able to celebrate the Swiss national day.

What do we do on this day. We do not shoot apples with a crossbow from the youngest son’s head, and the only fires you will see this year are from the b-b-q that the fathers will be igniting for the wife to grill the cervelat (Swiss national sausage) or perhaps steaks etc. There will be some private parties and the children will be in their usual procession with their lanterns. I will not bother with any of these celebrations and will join the dogs and cats for a peaceful evening.

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