Good Evening

Quite an impressive sunset yesterday evening, accompanied by some strong winds, but no rain. I thought I heard some drops during the night, but nothing impressive and everything was dry this morning.

Today was quite pleasant, sunny but not too hot and a pleasant breeze, just like it should be. Lucia, my domestic helper, was here today and I now have a wonderful clean home again. Her weekly visit really is a pleasure, not only because of the cleaning, but she is my companion and advisor and really knows so much. Next week she will be coming with me when I at last get my new bedroom organised. I have been thinking about it for some time and I now know what I would like. i am glad she will be with me as she really is an expert on such matters. Afterwards we will be going for a drink in a restaurant in a village along the river, well known for its stork colony, so that will be an opportunity for some good photos I hope.

I paid my usual visit to Mr. Swiss this afternoon and now the weather is slowly becoming normal again, without the tropical heat, it seems that the animals are also becoming more active.

This rabbit had even found her appetite and was having a munch on a leaf. Yes they only have female rabbits where Mr. Swiss is. I do not think they wanted to have hundreds of baby rabbits to look after.

We were also being observed by a bird perched at the top of a roof.

Otherwise no special events today. I will spend the evening running the washing machine and the dish washer, and giving the garden its dose of water.

As I left my estate for Mr. Swiss I noticed the clouds were appearing again in the sky In the heated days there were no clouds, just a plain blue sky with a shiny sun in the middle of course. I have really become a cloud lover, it just makes a pleasant difference.

I wish all a good remainder of the day.

I do not know if we will have such a good sunset this evening as yesterday, but we can always hope.

7 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Sounds like some fun times on the calendar for you. I love that top image of the clouds. That looks like a dragon! Do you mind if I use that pic for a post (and give you the attribution?)

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  2. Good morning … such wonderful photos of the sky … so much texture. THe heat has finally broken here … for a couple of days at least … then it is back into it … we will get through somehow .. take care and have a great day and keep cool. SLP …

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