FOTD 24th July 2022: Rowan

Who doesn’t know these bright orange berries. They are the fruit of the rowan tree and immeduately are a source of attraction. They were for me. I was walking (with my walker) along a local path and saw them in the hedge, so naturally took a photo. Of course they are not edible, but my camera likes them.

FOTD 24th July 2022: Rowan

5 thoughts on “FOTD 24th July 2022: Rowan

  1. Oh, I forgot about these! I do not know which species it is, but it resembles North American species. I got copies of a species from the Appalachian Mountains a few years ago, but deer ate them. I intend to grow them again, and might grow another species from Northern California as well.

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          • English horticulturists believe that they are the ultimate authority in regard to horticulture. It would not be such a bother if so many of the other Europeans did not also believe it. Consequently, English horticulture determines what becomes trendy in much of Europe, including regions with Mediterranean climates, such as Spain, Italy and Greece. The Royal Horticultural Society is something of a joke to us, even though much of their trends are very appropriate and relevant in some regions.

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