Good Evening

We had a bit of a cooling down session yesterday evening. The rains came in the evening and continued during the night until mid morning. Had an interesting cloud before they arrived, but the clouds soon disappeared. I am not sorry as it was really getting a little too hot for my taste, although I think for everyone’s taste in Europe. I still have a problem trying to understand the Brits, althogh I am basically one of them myself. Now they have the hot sun in their own country, but are causing turmoil at the airports wanting to get away to countries where it is eternal sun with temperatures hitting the top marks. The result is 6 hour waiting time and you are lucky if you find an aircraft that is actually flying.

In the meanwhile I visited Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie refuge and at last we could watch the fish swimming in the poind again. Although still sunny but no longer having to seek refusge from the hot sun burning down. The fish seemed to be quite happy in their environment.

The turtles also seem to be quite content just swimming around – what a boring life, although they never complain,

Whilst I was there one of the kitchen assistants arrived with the remainders of the vegetables. In that home nothing is left to waiste and the peelings are a delicacy for the rabbit population. As soon as they notice that fresh food is arriving they all have a run to the fence to get the pick of the day. The chickens were not so interested, just one or two had a look to see if there was anything poultry appetising, but the rabbits were all there, wallowing in the carrot peelings.

I think the chickens were a little disappointed with carrots,biut they will not starve I am sure.

They always seem to find something of interest somewhere.

One of the local cats, Joux-joux, was also here this morning. The other local cat Roschti had left some tit bits outside, but Joux-joux did not need an invite and finished it all off. She seemed to be saying with he expression, just leave me to deal with it human – none of your business.

I also found an interesting insect on a leaf in the garden. I think it is a so-called firebug. they are quite harmless and mostly like to eat seeds. We have quite a few, but I had neveer seen one with such a design on its shell like this one. It was sitting on a sage leaf.

And that was my adventure filled day. I am glad to say that the evening has now returned to a normal cool temperature and for a change I do not have to water the garden, so it looked like a nice relaxed evening, perhaps with a book. I hope your week-end is going smoothly with no unnecessary excitement. Our local Jura mountains were looking on but no sign of a storm anywhere.

10 thoughts on “Good Evening

      • We have been blessed with a summer storm that’s been going on for a good hour and a half now, drenching everything. I hope it rains all night. The humidity (and heat!) has been off the charts for days. Today where I live, which is a couple miles from Lake Michigan, we get “lake effect” which keeps things cooler in summer and warmer in winter and it was 80 degrees. Instead of my kids driving here to go to the lake, from Grand Rapids, which is about 50 miles inland, I drove there and we went to a park. It was 86 degrees and blazing sun.

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          • It’s 3am here and it is still raining. Prayers have been answered. Hoping you get some rains as well. Now time for me to go to dreamland. Happy Sunday, Pat.


    • The cats call by every day for their spcial treats. It is in their feline system. Sometimes I am busy with something else, but I always have time to give them their treat.


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