5 thoughts on “FOTD 23rd July 2022: Wild Flower

  1. I agree that it is some sort of salvia. I have something similar that I bought in a local nursery this spring and planted in our new flower bed. It is taking more time than I thought to become established but I think it is going to make it. We have a problem with deer coming from the nearby forest to eat everything. They love the fresh flowers on the stalks. I am slowly learning which plants they will eat and which they won’t. This first year is just the approach of buying one of each at the nursery and planting it and watch what happens. Unfortunately the deer LOVE hostas .. and we have a collection of various hostas that we brought with us from the old house when we moved last fall. They overwintered in large tubs that I used when I dug them up from the former yard to being here … I am working on get some kind of wire mesh to cover them when I move them out into the yard. It looks ugly but I don’t want to waste years of collecting the different kinds that we have. The local garden center also suggested this spray that is made from rotten eggs …. you hook up the dispenser to a garden hose and out comes a fine mist that coats the leaves. After a hard rain you have to repeat the process. It is the same brand the garden center uses … and they have tremendous incentive to keep the deer at bay since if the deer eat all of their blossoms … the customers will not buy the plants. So there is that … they say it is all about “conditioning” the response of the deer. So far it appears to be working … we still find deer poop in the yard but the flowers that used to be consumed earlier in the spring are now remaining on the stalks. The only problem is that there is an infinite supply of roaming deer so this is going to be a long hard slog to slowly condition all the deer in our region NOT to eat the flowers. Oh well .. the adventures in retirement … some people take up roaming in their camper trailers … other people like me take up gardening with everything that comes along with that. Take care and have a great day. SLP.


    • I wish we had sine deer for something different to take a photo of. Our deer stay in the forests, but now and again we might see them galopping through.I have no idea where they actually have their “nests” but they seem to survive quite well. The only “wild” animals we have are hedgehogs and perhaps a fox passing through. The pests in our garden are the slugs which seem to absorb everything that crosses their path. Forget parsley, they devour the complete plant in an hour. So send a few of your deer to us 🙂


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