8 thoughts on “FOTD 21st July 2022: Canna

  1. Those are nice. Most of ours are bright orange with bronze foliage, or rich red with even darker bronze foliage. The yellow canna with green foliage needed to be relocated out of season (after they were already actively growing), so are still recovering, and therefore not blooming so well.

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      • Oh? I grow ‘Australia’ canna for the dark bronze foliage. I really do not care if it blooms. The dark red flowers are pretty, but merely a bonus to the dark foliage. I got it for a neighbor (since I am not there to actually enjoy the garden), and she really likes it. Altogether, there are eight cultivars of canna here. Two needed to be removed from a landscape, and after everyone who works here took what they could, the leftovers got canned into two dozen #5 cans! There are a dozen of each. One is ‘Wyoming’, with bright orange bloom and bronzed foliage. I do not know what the other is, but it has bright yellow and green foliage. Each of the five cans contains enough rhizomes (if separated) for more than a six foot long row (approximately). Therefore, there is enough of those two cultivars for a row about 150 feet long! I like cannas, but that is a bit much.

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