Good Evening

One of the coolest places at the moment is the local cemetery: there are plenty of trees to spend some shade. I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon and we spent the time in the courtyard where there is plenty of shade from a large tree in the middle.

One of the nurses even moved a table for us to make it more comfortable and asked if I would like something to eat, they had a raspberry ice cream parfait on the menu from lunch with sauce and whipped cream, so I did not say no. I have to pay (but very reasonable) as I am not a resident of the home: for Mr. Swiss it is all included.

It was delicious and all made in the home kitchen, nothing bought from a store: just what I needed. When I left Mr. Swiss I took the long way home.

I passed by a horse in the local farm, but he stayed in the shade in his stable. He even seemed to have had a haircut to keep cool.

There was very little action in the area and even the chickens at the local coop decided to stay in, although they have a free run outside. Perhaps the eggs they were laying were already hard boiled from the heat.

There seemed to be more action in my garden when I got home.

A snail had made him/her self at home on my grass plant.

Not to mention this spider who was really competing for the biggest web outside my garden shed. It was another quiet day, but being a golden oldie myself, it did not both me so much. I think my problem is that I am so well organised now that I rarely have to do any shopping and my freezer and fridge is full of food to cook. There is no adventure in my life now. This morning I had a little bit of excitement when I took a garbage bag to the container. I saw it had room, so I put some magazines in the bag that I had wanted to dispose of for some time. My apartment is now nicely organised and now I am beginning to empty the cellar. Why did I have at least 50 cookery magazines in the cellar when I have not looked at them for at least ten years. If I want to cook something completely different I have a computer with Internet. We do collect so much rubbish throughout our lives.

And now to give the garden some water and then my daily chores are finished. I think I will spend some time with my Kindle book this evening. I have not touched the television for at least two months. It is no longer is of interest to me. Enjoy the remainder of the week-end.

8 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Day!
    I just happened to be here in time for your post. I am typically out and about at 11:00 in the morning. Rhody and I just got back from putting some food out for the new koi in the pond.

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  2. For so many years, yard-saling and thrift-shopping was such a thrill. Always in search of a good bargain. The legacy of those days sit in box after box in the closets, unseen or missed for many years now. It’s almost like they are an external memory drive.

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