Good Evening

Not a lot to show today, but in this hot weather I am not exactly full of action. I made my way to Mr. Swiss golden oldie home in the burning sun on my scooter. After his accident last week he still had a few aches and pains and his doctor paid him a visit today. She confirmed that nothing is broken but a rib is probably bruised causing the pain and she will organise for him to have an x-ray. She checked his back and found that everything was in order. At least one problem less. My No. 1 son called in at the doc as I needed a fresh supply of my Diabetes tablets and she gave him greetings for me, which I found a very nice gesture. We are quite regular customers.

We sat outside in the courtyard which has the shade from a large tree. There were other golden oldies also there from the home and it was a pleasant afternoon. Me also being a golden oldie I felt quite comfortable there.

And that was my exciting day. On the way I took a photo of the entrance path to the local castle.

And on the way home the main road with a sneak photo of the Jura in the background. Otherwise that is that. Some might find it a boring day, but I do not need excitement all the time. After visiting Mr. Swiss so often in his golden oldie home I realise that growing old is something we all have to contend with. Some grow old and live in another world, others grow old and wish they were in another world and you might discover that the world where you are is no longer what you thought it was. Perhaps not words of wisdom, but my golden oldie brain gets a little confused now and again. And now i look forward to my evening phone call from Mr. Swiss if he doesn’t forget. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Good Evening

      • Of course not. My great grandmother enjoyed living through almost a century, and was pleased with the progression of time. I am decades younger, and about half as old as she was, but am already frustrated with the changes of society during the past half century. I am a grumpy old man.

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          • That is the healthier way to be. My great grandmother enjoyed fashions of the 1990s (although a bit subdued) while she was in her 90s. (She was born just prior to the turn of the last century.) I prefer fashions that were outdated when I was a kid, and get grumpy that my formerly common Levi’s are now so difficult to find.


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