Good Afternoon/Evening.

Just one little white cloud wafting over the Jura, at least it was at the beginning of the afternoon and now there are none, just a few wisps. Today was so hot I really did not want to go anywhere: even a visit to Mr. Swiss was a short one. I brought him a couple of parcels of cigarettes, with courtesy from his daughter to fill up his stock and otherwise he had an appointment with the hairdresser in his home and I had a couple of items to get in the local supermarket. As they were frozen goods I got what I needed and sped off home before they melted.

I did not take any photos today but still had a stock from the last couple of days. As I said I had a mental blackout and forgot how to upload the photos. Mr. Swiss said “you see, it happens to you as well” and of course he was right: the human gets older and so does the contents of its head, but now I am up and running again.

The chickens did not notice anything and just sat there for their photo with an expression on their beaks as if to say “She is here again with the camera”.

The fish and the turtles were still swimming in their pond, keeping as cool as possible.

Since Mr. Swiss no longer lives at home I am left to my own system to keep cool. He was a follower of shutting all the blinds in Summer, living in darkness and all windows shut – that seems to be the Swiss system. I grew up in Britain so what I qualify as a breeze the Swiss call a draught. However, I have my own system. The only blind that is down is one outside to keep the heat from the patio. Otherwise all windows are open, not wide, but enough to let the air in. The blinds are not shut to let some light in together with the fresh breeze. I have windows at the front and back of the apartment which causes a nice refreshing breeze through the home (no it is not a draught) and I am comfortable and happy with that.

Even the pigs at the golden oldie home seem to feel the heat and all is left to do is to take a relaxing sleep.

I leave you with yesterday’s sunset which was a little in the pink. Hope you managed to stay a little cool today. Here we had 38°C although coupled with a constant breeze which does help to keep things in proportion

9 thoughts on “Good Afternoon/Evening.

  1. Good Day!
    The new koi who went into one of our ponds a few days ago were just babies. I look for them but will probably not see them again untill the grow up a bit. The pond is quite large.

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