Good Evening

And another sunny and hot day arrives, although I find it quite pleasant. Dressed in my shorts and summer t-shirt I drive off on my scooter with a breeze in my hair from the wind. This morning I was off again to a market. It seems that my days are filled with markets at the moment, but it was our monthly market. This time less fruit and vegetable but more objects that you have in daily use.

Although I just like to look and rarely buy. Here there is a selection of various tea sorts, flavours and some special ointments for this and that.

If you wanted something new to wear there was plenty of choice. Some of the garments were inviting, but it is difficult to have a look when you are travelling on a scooter amongst the crowds. I met a lady who was also not so mobile, with her walker. She told me of a lady that said she would better stay at home with her walker and not be a hindrance to those that have no mobility problems. The lady told me she replied by telling the other lady she was an idiot. I notice when I am on my way in such events, that others who also have a scooter or walker always say hello or give you a smile. We have something in common and I find that a nice gesture.

There was a good section of shoes on the market, but when you do not walk so much, one pair, perhaps two are enough for me.

Perhaps you might need a doll for the grandchildren or children. There was plenty to choose from – and the doll on the right is not a doll but a living person in charge of the sale – just saying.

There was also an inviting restaurant on the street, although people were not so interested it seems.

Being a cat person, these two cats really interested me as well as the smaller kitties on display. I just had to take their photo. They would look so good in the right place.

Eventually I decided enough was enough and I wanted to call in at the local store for a replenishment of my ice cream. This particular store is nearer to where I live, but for the past three months the parking places were being renewed and it would have been impossible for me to shop there. The work is now finished and I can again normally park outside and do my shopping inside with no problem. It is so handy to just pop along the road and buy your immediate needs. Otherwise I have a delivery tomorrow morning from the local supermarket.

Tomorrow is a normal day with no special excursions to anywhere and my cleaning lady is on holiday so I can relax for the day. I hope you can also relax and take it easy. I am now off to a reading session for the evening. I leave you with a view of one of our streets from today. Most of the people where in the central town so the side streets were empty.

22 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. When I was walking with a cane, people would walk right into me as if I weren’t there. That lady that made a comment to the woman in the walker? I don’t — people like that are a reason to carry bear spray!!!

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  2. The market looked like it was a very good one. I would have enjoyed it too, especially the dolls although modern baby dolls are not really my thing. I like vintage, that is the ones from my childhood era, best. They were very well dressed although perhaps a bit overdressed for summer.
    It would be a shame to stay home because you felt you were a bother to people but understandable if you meet rude or careless ones like Martha mentioned.

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  3. Good morning … great photos. Market day must be so wonderful there .. all the different wares for offering or just to look and browse. Plus the weather looked like it was delightful. It is finally getting hot here .. perhaps too hot .. we will see .. but so far this year it has been very cool and rainy. Finalliy the flowers in our garden are starting to show some interest in growing. So maybe the best part of summer is stil to come for us. We hope. Take care and have a great day. SLP …

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    • My mother-law gre up with it and loved markets. For me now it is a welcome change to the normal routine. The Autumn markets are interesting with their various pumpkins. My garden is also looking good this year.

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