Good Evening

The evening is now looking a lot better than the afternoon. I saddled my scooter and made my way to Mr. Swiss. He is only a few minutes away so what could possibly happen. A lot happened and as I arrived it rumbled in the nearby mountains, and then the rains came down. It was not even a cloudburst as it continued for at least half an hour. Mr. Swiss and I were stranded outside, but luckily we had shelter from the pavilion. It absolutely poured. You can see the dramatic photo I took just before the rains came down.

We were stranded outside and just had to wait until the weather decided to do something better. Luckily I always have a good absorbent cloth with me and as soon as the storm passed over I dried off my scooter and managed to arrive home in one dry piece.

I should have noticed the warning from the slug before I left home. It was taking a slime across my patio and when they are happy to go sliming, then wet weather is on its way.

Yesterday evening was not much better and the sky was getting quite dramatic. It rained throughout the night but had stopped this morning when I stopped hugging the bed and we even had sunny warm spells. However, in the afternoon it all changed again. Tomorrow afternoon I am going with Mr. Swiss to the dentist as he has to have a routine check, but a sunny day is forecast, so we should have no problems. Funny how life develops as we are both in a scooter on our way. Ten years ago we would not have thought that our life would become something like this.

It seems the covid infections as again increasing, but luckily this time with a milder infection, although covid is never pleasant. I have been vaccinated twice and I never bothered with the third booster and again I must ask myself what is the point. At the beginning we were all glad as the illness was then really dangerous. I know many who had had 2-3, even 4 boosters and they are still getting the infection. I have a relation who adamantly does not believe in vaccinations of any kind. She has not contracted the disease or any other members of her family. Seems to be the luck of the draw somehow. Perhaps it is the solitary members of the human race, like myself, that stay safer.

Here is where I park my scooter at the golden oldie home where Mr. Swiss now lives. Yes, we do miss each other a lot, but I know that Mr. Swiss is being well looked after and no longer has so many health problems.

Have a good rest of the day or sleep well, which ever is appropriate.

8 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good morning .. such a terrific photo of the golden sky right before the rain. There is a song from the Broaday musical “South Pacific” that begins ..”when the sky is a bright canary yellow …” … your photo reminded me of that … hopefully the weather will cooperate more on your next visit to see Mr. Swiss. Take care and have a great day. SLP …

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