Good Evening

It was a cloud free day today The rain has gone and it was a beautiful warm day with a gentle cool breeze, it could not have been better. Today is the day when I tend to my orchids. A couple of them have again developed stalks with some buds on them and look quite promising.

After lunch I had my usual midday sleep and afterwards made my way to Mr. Swiss. Most of the golden oldies in the home were outside enjoying the weather. I have learned a lot about getting older since Mr. Swiss has been living there. Growing old has has many aspects , although there are always a few unfortunate people that have various problems. but that is the “luck of the draw” I suppose. Most of the inhabitants were outside having conversations with the others and enjoying their afternoon with some coffee and a desert. Mr Swiss and I were relaxing with our books/Kindle.

The rabbits (with a chicken) were relaxing in the warm weather keeping cool.

And the chickens were keeping their eye on everything in case the cook appeared with some food remainders from the salad.

This particular chicken always runs to me when he sees me. I think she has adopted me as her personal friend, although we are separated by a fence around the enclosure. Apparently they did have a rooster some time ago, but he had to go as he injured one of the helpers with a peck and was quite agressive. It was then decided that roosters were to be banned.

I am on a fruity course at the moment and find it is healthier in between meals to eat an orange or nectarine than something sweet. I should avoid the sugary stuff in any case due to my diabetes and now you can get such a good selection of various fruits during the summer. I am not really an apple fan and leave those to my No 1 son, but I very much like nectarines which are quite reasonable in price at the moment.

And now for a relaxing evening, although I have to let the dishwasher do its duty. Since living alone my evenings are different. I have not touched the television for at least a month and the dishwasher runs only every second day. As a side product, I noticed that my electricity bill is reduced by one hundred Swiss Francs. We get the bill every four months.

In our town they are planning a rock concert on the steps of our cathedral in September. It was supposed to have happened a couple of years ago, but due to Covid it was cancelled. Now it will happen, one of the main local groups, Krokus, are performing. They are very popular and within forty minutes all tickets were sold. Naturally my No. 1 son will be going. He knows all the musicians and they know him, one of their biggest fans. Here us a taste of them from a visit they made to London.

And if you have watched the video I am sure you are all now wide awake. I would love to go to the concert myself, but due to my mobility problems it would not be possible.

I now wish you all a good rest of the week-end with a view of our local castle with the Jura mountains.

10 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. The chickens are so pretty, and good riddance to the rooster. I had one attack me once and he also had to go (to another larger flock.) The Krokus video wouldn’t play here but I’ll go out to youtube to hear them. The name sounds familiar and I think they’ve charted in the US before. Very cool that your son is into music and friends with the band.

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  2. Good Day!
    I just commented to someone today about how much I miss the fruit of the Santa Clara Valley. There were orchards of it, and what did not grow in the orchards grew in home gardens. I never thought that I would miss it back then, but I do now.
    The Krokus video is unavailable here. That is fine. I know what a rock concert looks like.

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  3. The castle and the mountains look beautiful. Does anyone live in the castle. I am glad Mr Swiss and you were relaxing with your books and kindle. Yes growing old, we do our best to remain healthy, but some things are not n our hands. Thank you for the lovely photos.

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    • No-one is now living in the castle, although an officer of the Swiss guard in the Vatican City used to live their, his family owned the castle. Now it belongs to the state and is mainly used for concerts and lectures.

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