FOTD 31st July 2022: White Bellflower

Can someone explain why this white bellflower has suddenly appeared in my bellflower bed.

Here you can see it on the bottome left of the picture surrounded by its blue companions. I have had the bell flowers for many years, all blue and suddenly a white bell flower has appeared. It must be a fluke of nature to produce a white flower, but at the moment nature is really doing something completely different: so now I have a white species. Actually I am quite pleased to have this new mutation in my flowrbed. Perhaps there will more with time.

FOTD 31st August 2922: White Bellflower


The surprises that greet you when you take a walk in the garden in the morning. We have been dehydrating under the massive heat wave like most of the world and the only water my garden sees is when I spray it in the evening. Early morning the sun is already training for its daily sojourn and then I saw this slug slugging its way along the stones of my raised bed. I think he was out for a night on the tiles and recognised its mistake when the sun came up. He then decided to slug its way to the next damp dark place which was between the stones. I managed to capture its farewell before it disappeared for the day.


I cannot help it, but I have a cloud fascination, especially when the clouds do something that they do not usually do. I was even a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society for a couple of years although no longer. Somehow my membership got lost and I no longer bothered to renew. Actually in my golden oldie years I no longer belong to anything except for two photo sites. Belonging costs money and what if I am no longer here to belong. At the age of 75 you never know. So enjoy yesterday’s sunset.

But these are my all time favourite. I call them bubble clouds, although I think they are mammatus clouds. I just love them and this morning they were my first clouds in the sky.

I just love these clouds, each one independent of its neighbour. Of course they eventually decided to combine with their neighbours and there were various clouds hanging everywhere. I now have the habit of going outside in the evening or morning with my camera to see what delights the sky has for me.

During the day the clouds clouded together over the local Jura Mountains to show me their repertoire of cloud formations, but nothing beats the mammatus formations.


This must be one of the longest bubbles that exist. This guy often visits our town to the delight of the kids. He has a container with soapy water. There are two sticks connected with string and he dips it into the water. Afterwards the bubbles appear.

The kids try it as well, but do not have such success.

Swiss National day

1st August is approaching, now only 2 days and it will all be happening. The golden oldie senior home has been decorated.Each day when I visit there are more flags appearing.

And now we have a selection of Kantonal flags. I am sure there will be some golden oldie celebrations, but am not sure how. On Monday I will know upon my visit. Today was a short visit due to rain. The heat wave days are no longer, although the sun still shines.

A Murder of Crows

The sky began to darken yesterday evening and then they began to arrive slowly, each one choosing its own perch.

They began to gather. Was it the storm clouds that were an attraction?

They were everywhere.

But soon they were everywhere, all nicely perched with a safety space in between. Some crows were still hovering and searching for a place. They were now occupying two levels.

The sky was getting darker, but they continued. Rumour had it that Alfred Hitchcock’s film was showing on the television the evening before. Suddenly it was silent, no squarks or chatter, they were patiently waiting.

And then the storm arrived. It was a signal to return to the trees, no respecting crow wants to go home with wet feathers. And then the sky decided to participate in the event..

Yes, it was an interesting evening yesterday.