Good Evening

To the soundtrack of thunder in the background. We also had a very ferocious hailstorm with rather large pieces, but it is has now blown over and the sun is shining. I had to gather some herbs in the garden whilst it was storming and those large pieces of hail can hurt a little when they rebound off your head. However, it is rumbling again and it will probably be a stormy night. One advantage of the rain is that I do not have to bother to give water to the garden.

In the meanwhile the chickens at the home, where Mr. Swiss is, decided to stay quiet. They are not friends of hot weather.

Neither are the rabbits and they like to take it easy. Most of the animals were sleeping when I arrived. They know how to live in the hot weather. It was feeding time again when the cook brings out the remainders of the salad leaves but the chickens and rabbits were served in the shady part of their enclosure.

I seen to have spent the morning with a duster in my hand. It is amazing how the dust settles daily, especially on the books and their shelves. Not only do we have a large collection of books in the apartment, but also in our hobby room in the cellar. I have now made room in the apartment to enlarge our book collection, as I find it a shame when most of the books are never seen. However, where can I put them all. I still have about 1-200 books to transfer. Mr. Swiss and I were both avid readers, in both German and English. Thank goodness for the Kindles in our life. I am sure I could not cope with more books.

This is the second pond where Mr. Swiss is, no animal life, but left to its natural state.

And that was my day today – nothing special happening but I have had enough excitement in my life. I noticed that I do not even get so much post, and often the letter box is empty after the postman calls: just the usual junk mail with leaflets and unwanted advertising magazines. I do not even look at most of it and just pass it to the garbage collection. I cancelled our subscription to the local newspaper some time ago, much too expensive and just more paper for the collection. Here you have to bundle the paper nicely together with string for the collection. Even without the newspapers we have enough to organise.

And now for a nice quiet evening, naturally with a book, a Kindle in my hand, after our meal of spaghetti bolognese. Keep safe and well everyone and may the storms be under control.