Good Evening

Although the local Jura mountains had some heavy cloud, they were not rain clouds and as the day advanced it was sunny and pleasant. I decided to saddle my trusty scooter this morning and go into town. I had done my daily housework by 10am and it was the weekly market day.

I had not been for the past couple of weeks as the weather was not so good and I was busy with other chores, but this morning was just perfect. It is always a welcoming site when you see the stalls filled with seasonal flowers.

However before I actually got to the market I called in at the local police station as I had a problem with our main road. Some years ago they resurfaced it and make it good to look at. However for me in my scooter it was not easy to cross. There were no sloping kerbs and it was difficult to go over the island in the middle of the road in a scooter – a very bumpy ride. I also have to cross the railway tracks to get to the other side of the road. I have discovered the best way to cross is to look if anything is approaching and then just go from one side to another. I called in at the police station to make them aware of my situation although I knew it was not really their business. The guy in the office was very helpful, probably seeing me with support from my walker with a parked scooter outside, and he said it was a problem for the highway department. He made a few telephone calls and gave me the telephone where I could register my problem and discuss it with them. I do not expect very much will happen, me being probably the only person with a disability that has to cross this road to get to town, but at least i can give it a try. I will call them tomorrow.

Afterwards I progressed further in town and the first I saw was these wonderful examples of cannabis plants at the price of 11 Swiss Francs for a plant. They were labelled showing they had a low THC value, so nothing to get high on and there was an information that they were good against mosquitos, probably making them too high to sting. I did not buy any. Bird food contains the seeds as well, so I have a couple of plants myself at home.

Tomatoes seem to be a featured vegetable on the market at the moment

although there was a good choice of everything.

I also paid a quick visit to the store as it is the only opportunity I have to buy calf liver.

It is a treat for me once a week for a quick lunch when I get home. I also stocked up on some frozen goods as my online delivery service cannot deliver frozen goods.

Here is a choice of salami, cheese and bacon on one of the stalls on the market.

That was my morning adventure. This afternoon I was on a visit to Mr. Swiss and we had a nice relaxing afternoon outside in the garden of his golden oldie refuge. We do not need conversation or any other excitement. It is just good to be together. I usually take my Kindle with me to read my book of the moment and Mr. Swiss likes to listen to music of his choice on his telephone. I have programmed various radio stations on his iPhone.

I am now off for a nice relaxing evening with my nose in a book/Kindle. I hope all is well with you all. See you tomorrow with the next news from somewhere in the wilds of Switzerland.