Good Evening

Yesterday my gardener was here. He had quite a lot to do and the main job was to cut my hedges. He did a good job and now my garden looks like a garden and no longer a jungle. The toughest job was removing the weeds that had grown between the stones surrounding my raised beds, but he persevered and now everything is looking good. It seems that the work disturbed some of the inhabitants of the garden and although we have had quite high temperatures, the slugs crept out of their hiding places, but quickly disappeared again. Suddenly I saw this shape clinging to the wall of one of my raised beds.

It was obviously a slug, but I had never seen one like this before. The gardener told me that it was a so- called Tiger slug in German, so I had a look on the computer and it seems in english it is a leopard or great grey slug and can reach a length of 20 cm. They are generally not seen so much as they are nocturnal and only come out at night. This one must have been disturbed by the gardening work. One good advantage of them is their diet is waste material in the garden and mainly other smaller slugs and their eggs. They do absolutely no damage to the garden and are good to have around. It disappeared as quickly as it arrived and I have not seen it since, but good to know that it is there.

Here it is again, curling up like all good slugs do. I decided he deserved to have two photos here as you do not see them very often. I now know that he is living in my garden.

Otherwise it was feeding time again at my husband’s golden oldie home. This time there was some carrot amongst the peelings which was naturally ideal for the rabbits. The chickens and rabbits soon sorted theirselves out, chickens to the left and rabbits to the right.

I do not know what sort of breed this chicken is, but I remember when they arrived and were completely black. Now their coats are changing to their natural colours. I just love the big feet they have.

Lucia my cleaning lady was here this morning and did another wonderful job in my home. I manage myself to do the daily tasks of hoovering and dusting, but the work in the bathroom, shower and kitchen is too much for me, but she is so helpful. Next week she will be having a holiday in England of all places as one of her many sisters lives there.

I am now off for a relaxing evening and to read further in my book. I also have a dishwasher to run and a washing machine. I wish all smooth runnings.