Good Evening

I had to wait to cross the road to visit Mr. Swiss as the railway barriers were down as a train was approaching – a good opportunity for a photo towards our town. A lady cyclist also had to wait, but she found that every time she wanted to cross the road the train was coming. They have a half hour schedule during the week, so chances are many to get stuck.

Today was a normal weather day: no high temperatures and no rain. Mr. Swiss spent the afternoon in the garden of his golden oldie home, which could have been quite boring.

And then the cook appeared from the kitchen with the vegetable peelings.This was a signal for all chickens and rabbits and in a split second they were there. It was then dinner for all, after all you cannot just live on seeds and dry food, now and again they deserve something more interesting. If you are a rabbit or a bird, it makes no difference: food speaks all languages.

This rabbit decide to take a closer look, no mountain could keep her away. They only have female rabbits as otherwise they would soon be overrun with rabbits everywhere.

There was also a rabbit gathering

as well as chicken conversations. I noticed that the animals were more in action today. They also like to retire in the shade when there is a heat wave.

Although this chicken decided to just observe the situation. Eventually I made my way home. I had to get the evening meal ready for my son and I and wanted to upload my photos.

And that was today’s excitement, just a typical Monday, but who needs a daily excitement. Sometimes it is good to have some peace and quiet and relaxation time. I hope your week got to a good start.

8 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Day!
    Painted rocks are a cool fad. (Otherwise, I dislike fads.) They seem to be everywhere. I saw a few at rest stops in the Pacific Northwest while vacationing there, as if someone or several someones just dropped them off for people like me to notice and perhaps take pictures of. When the fad started, people took rock that they found to be interesting to other locations, and were able to monitor the travels of such rocks by visiting their websites, some of which were on Facebook. The rocks were labeled with their websites. One such rock appeared in a planter at work, and has been there for a few years. I will not remove it because I want whomever left it there to be able to find it if he or she looks for it later. It it had been labeled with a website, I might have taken it on a trip, posted pictures of it in odd locations, and then returned it.

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    • i am almost every afternoon with Mr. Swiss. There is plenty to see where he now is and he looks forward to my visits. it is just along the road from where I live. At the moment the temperatures have become more normal.


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