Good Evening


Another wonderful sunny aftrnoon with my Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home. The view from the pavilion where we usually sit is just wonderful with the castle in the distance and Jura mountains as a backdrop, but this time on my visit we had a pleasant suprise. One of the ladies in the home had a visitor and she brought her Australian Shepherd dog with her. We had a wonderful conversation.

At first her viisitor warned us that the dog was there but is harmless. There was need for any warnings. I had only heard good things about this breed from my blogging pal and friend Martha who has had many herself and I was really pleased to at last see one in the genuine fur and paws. He was eveything that an Australian Shepherd dog should be and guarded his misstress constantly. When she moved, he moved as well and those eyes followed every movement. Of course I told her all about Martha’s various dogs. I am sure your are reading this Martha. It seems this lady also had two cats, but after the initial hissing and meows the cats have now got used to the dog and it is one big happy family.

I have never had a dog, but this would definitely be a favourite: so well mannered and no problem. He even approached me and I felt safe and secure all the time: no nervous barks or sudden movements, just a wonderful dog.

I noticed that the cows were also back in the field opposite the home as I could hear the bells around their necks before I saw them.

Otherwise we spent a pleasant afternoon outside. Again the chickens and rabbits kept themselves to themselves, it was just to hot for any animal action.

Yesterday evening we had some interesting evening clouds again. I eventually retired to bed but was awakened quite suddently a few hours later by a terrific clap of thunder and then the rains came tumbling down. It was one of these storms that develop after a hot sunny day but it sounded like the world was coming to an end. It would not surprise me if we got another one this evening.

Today is also a bit of a special day for me as my No. 2 son has his 48th birthday. Is it really possible that he will be 50 years old in two years? It seems just yesterday that I was changing his nappies.

I am now really trying to write at least once a day here. I was perhaps overdoing it a little partaking in so many different challenges. I was enjoying it but I realised it was no longer as much fun as it should be and I am not getting any younger. Since Mr. Swiss is no longer here my routine is a little different. It is at least a month since I switched on the TV – no interest. And I have discovered my love of reading again.

I wish you all a stress free relaxing day.

14 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. I always scroll through your photos before I read your posts, and Martha and little Teddy came to mind immediately when I saw this sweet pup. Such a pretty dog. Happy Birthday to your son #2!

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  2. That beautiful Aussie smile! I’m so happy you got to meet one! These dogs are very responsive and that makes them easy to train, and I think they really like people. Wherever I am, Teddy is. He doesn’t want to miss anything. Because he responds to hand signals, Bear has learned to watch for hand signals. One of the wonderful things about Aussies is they are very proud of themselves when they get something right which is so cute to watch! Dogs like Bear — or Siberian huskies — have their own agenda in their DNA. That’s great, too, but very different from Australian shepherds. And Aussies are so lovable and so beautiful. I love this one’s red merle coloring. ❤️🐾


  3. Good Day!
    Australian Shepherds were popular dogs when I was in college in the 1980s. One of my roommates had one. She (the dog, not the roommate) bit my knee, which subsequently needed to be sewn up. That B____! Well, that behavior is certainly not typical of the breed, and she was actually an exemplary and very well trained dog.

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  4. Good morning .. great pictures .. we have also switched off the television and unenrolled from Netflixx … we no longer have interest … but I am getting a lot of reading done. Take care and have a great day .. SLP …

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