Good Evening

I thought I should write something before everyone gives out a “blogger lost in action” report, but I am still here alive and not kicking but rolling along with my various assistant helps. Not a lot has been happening lately: the sunshine changed to stormy weather but I braved the rain and even visited Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie refuge. We sat outside and watched the rain falling and when I left him I used the towel I brought with me to wipe the seat dry on my scooter. Actually just after I left the rain stopped and we got a very interesting cloud formation in the evening.

Otherwise I have been busy sorting books that have been sleeping in our hobby room for the past 10-20 years and I got a few surprises.

I had read all these books some years ago, in German: the authors were not english so wrote them in their own language of Swedish and Danish so what difference does it make, I could not read them in the original language and reading German or Englsh makes no difference to me. Mr. Swiss bought the books in German. They were quite a success when they were published. The two red books were written by two German co-authors and they were very good.

So I rescued all these books from oblivion as I now had plenty of space in the apartment on some shelves I had cleared away.

I also found some Simon Beckett and Jeffrey Deaver books, although in German as Mr. Swiss had bought them. I am reading again and mainly Jeffrey Deaver and the adventures of his New York police hero Lincoln Rhyme, but upload them onto my Kindle in english, as I prefer the original language. This is one of the reasons why I am neglecting my blogging experience at the moment. You cannot do everything.

Otherwise I still spend most afternoons with the love of my life in his home with the turtles. The chickens now stay in their house out of the suns rays. The warmth does not seem to bother the turtles too much.

Mr. Swiss has made good progress with his new iPhone 13 and everything is now working perfectly. There were some guys helping out in the home where he is that were doing their civil defence duties and they were excellent in helping to organise his phone.

We had a few stormy days but they are now gone and we are back to hot sunny weather. Actually I am glad as I did not have to water the garden. On Monday morning the gardener is coming as my hedges are looking quite unkempt and need a short back and sides. I also have some unwanted plants growing between the gravel.

It is now time to eat the evening meal and afterwards I will probably again be exploring the crimes that Jeffrey Deaver has written for me. Keep safe and well – see you around.