Good Evening

The photo sums it up. This morning it begun with a few claps of thunder the rains came falling down. Yesterday Mr. Swiss got his new iPhone. He now has a 13 version the same as mine. When I got mine the guy in the store, Elvis, transferred all the data and organised everything. He was finished in half an hour and it has been functioning perfectly since. However, when someone gets the same phone and has never registered a password, and changes them once a week because the one he he has no longer is that word that he thought it was, things get complicated: especially if that person forgets to take the old phone with him when getting the new one.

Who? My Mr. Swiss of course. And so he has a new phone and cannot use it. However, Mrs. Angloswiss to the rescue and so this morning (in the rain on a scooter) she went to the golden oldie refuge, collected both phones and went to the telephone shop in town with them. Now Joe came to my rescue. Actually it was Joel, the Portuguese guy in the store, that knew the answers and said I should come back in the afternoon to pick up the new phone. He even gave me his private number, but he called me first to say the telephone was now in working order. It had now stopped raining, and we had wonderful sunshine. I arrived at the store, picked up the telephone which was a perfect job done by Joe, and brought it to Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home. I explained the details and told him, no actually threatened him, not to change any passwords or change anything on the phone. You never know what ideas he can get.

When I left him he was happy with his phone discovering all the new gimmicks. I even set up Whatsapp for him which is our main message system. He wrote me a wonderful message afterwards full of thanks for the effort I invested, although I wanted to complete the job today and not have it hanging around my head for the next week. I now have a new friend at the store, Joe. They are all young guys. I still have fond memories of Elvis, I think he was Spanish.

And that was my news of the day. I just hope that Mr. Swiss does not decide to perform any experiments on the new phone.