Good Evening

I was probably more noticed by my absence the last two days, but I just needed a break from the daily routine. I was at home or visiting my husband in his golden oldie refuge across the road from where the photo is, but my energy was at its limit. We have had temperatures of 35-38°C and that was just too much to get any action together. We are never satisfied, either it is too hot or too cold, but you cannot have everything.

I was in town but it was also quite empty. A few brave people were sitting at some roadside cafés. The only reason I was in town was to accompany Mr. Swiss to get a new iPhone. He had an iPhone 8, but was really on its last bytes or whatever they had so I accompanied him to the telephone shop to get a new one. He is no longer used to such devices and naturally forgot to bring his old phone to transfer the disc to the new phone. I will now take his new phone and old to the store tomorrow morning and get it all organised for him. He is really overwhelmed with these new improved iPhones.

We both needed our scooters with the attachment for the walker. I use mine almost every day, but for Mr. Swiss and his 83 years it is a burden and complicated. I help him when I can, but it is better to let me do it all.

Eventually I left Mr. Swiss to go back to his golden oldie home and I continued to get a few items in the grocery store. I filled up on some ice cream for home.

Eventually I arrived home and was glad to see that Mr.Swiss managed his home journey on his scooter. He is really somewhat frail now. This evening we had a heavy rain shower. First of all there was some thunder and then about a quarter of an hour of heavy rain. I was glad as I did not have to water the garden and it has cooled down slightly. I think the temperatures are going down slightly and I will not be sorry,. And that is all I can manage this evening. Do not worry of I disappear now and again, but I too am feeling my 75 years and need to take it easy now and again.

I leave you with a photo of one of our main squares which mainly has local government office buildings. This is also very much deserted, no-one seems to like this summer heat wave.

22 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. We are under heat warnings here in Florida and do anything that has to be done outdoors in the early morning hours. That includes food shopping, too. I need the afternoon to recover.
    I read online last night that the Stones are not able to reschedule their concert in Bern. I thought of your son right away. He was pretty disappointed, I would guess.

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    • I also do my shopping in the morning although travelling on my scooter is ok against the wind. The Stones have cancelled and now I am organising the refunding of the ticket money.


  2. Those high temperatures are exhausting. In Adelaide, where I used to live it would sometimes be over 40 degrees for a week or more. Even the nights were hot. It got too much for us and was a deciding factor in moving to Tasmania.

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  3. Oh, I noticed that you took time off, but did not know it was for so long. Gee, I am losing track of the week. It was slightly warmer here today, about 40 degrees (translated to centigrade). It was likely more uncomfortable there though, because of humidity.

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      • I can remember 122 degrees in Palm Springs, which is 50 degrees in Centrigrade. To me, it did not seem to be as unpleasant as 32 degrees Centigrade with more humidity, but is very harsh to vegetation. Any pleasant breeze with such arid air desiccates foliage. Gardening is not easy in such climates. Palm Springs was a very popular town in the 1950s, and is still popular among tourists. Although I enjoyed botanizing nearby, I can not imagine why anyone would want to live there throughout the year.

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          • Actually, that is normal for a few trees within our ecosystem. The native buckeye, which is the same genus as the European horse chestnut, is bare through winter, develops foliage for spring, defoliated during the warmest summer weather, develops foliage again for autumn, and then finally defoliates for winter. It sounds like a lot of work, but that is what it does to contend with the aridity. The native sycamore, which is the same species as the European plane tree, foliates late in winter, but can defoliate by the middle of summer if the weather gets too warm and dry. Alterntively, if the weather is not too warm and dry, it retains foliage until autumn. Many perennials grow and bloom through spring here, but are then dormant for summer.

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  4. Good morning … great photos … take care and do what you can .. I am 72 and also realize I am not a “spring chicken” anymore .. as they say … we do enjoy following your adventures whenever you get the time to write about them. SLP …

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