Good Evening

Another day of our heat wave but I am not complaining. We had to wait long enough for the hot weather. Mr. Swiss was even wearing his shorter trousers today and really means something as he no longer gets warm enough.

After my usual morning chores I had some time left and decided begin to tidy our bookcase.

This could be a mammoth task but possible. The problem was that behind the books Mr. Swiss had stowed away his many hundreds of DVD films as well as his CD jazz recordings . I now had room in a cupboard for them so I began. I have removed almost all the various DVD’s and CD Compact Discs and with time will sort them in their new place. I must say I am quite pleased with the progress I made and at last the dust collection has been reduced. I have also begun to put our photo albums in the space I have since clearing away much unwanted computer surplus. Another achievement was that I replaced the ink toner in our printer which I had never done before. It was only one colour that was necessary, but now I can do it. My book case now had just books.

Otherwise I spent the afternoon with Mr. Swiss in his Golden Oldie home. We sat outside in the pavilion and it was quite pleasant. We were alone there and plenty of shelter from the burning sun. The chickens were mainly sheltering from the heat.

Although this one decided that a flight might be a good idea to cool down. She managed to hover but not very long, It seems chickens are just not built for flying, but she did try.

Otherwise there was not a lot of action – it was even too hot for the chickens.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, although I must say since I have been more careful with my sugar levels I am feeling a lot better and my head stays where it belongs.

I must say Mr. Swiss has a good view of our local castle. from his golden oldie home. I am now off, too hot to write, and have an evening meal to serve. Keep safe and well.

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