RDP Wednesday: Achievement

Since Mr. Swiss left for his golden oldie retreat I discovered there are many things I had to learn to do on my own. He was always there to ask and avise and now I have to do it myself. Thank goodness for my cleaning lady Lucia. She has lived on her own for many years and tells me she had to learn to do it herself. However, Lucia is not me and I must say I am glad for her advice and help.

Up to now I have learnt how to do a tax declaration on my own, and I was so proud when it was accepted. I also fixed the hose for my plant in the garden, although that was no very successful. After giving myself an unwanted shower with the hose, I have realised that I will have to purchse a new one. Luckily at the moment they have a special offer.

Now my printer is telling me it is thirsty and needs new ink. After a search on Internet, with some help from Lucia, I discovered the refills I need and ordered them. They are not cheap, but I ordered a complete selection to have enough for the next time my printer tells me it is hungry. I actually only need the grey colour. Now the next step is to insert it in the printer machine. – no problem. I will try, otherwise Lucia is here next Tuesday to assist.

Just one achievement after the other at the moment – I hope. Of course you learn by your mistakes I heard.

RDP Wednesday: Achievement

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