Good Evening

The long straight road to town and this morning I was on my way at 10.00 as it was market day. Since being on my own at home I do have a somewhat different timetable. I use to go into town in the afternoon for my shopping, but now most of my groceries are delivered and I go to town for a little bit of entertainment on the side ad well as getting some shopping.

It was market day again, as every Wednesday. I do not really buy anything, but just like to see the selection of fruit and vegetables being offered and now it the time when you can get the best from what the farmers have to offer, although I am not sure about the tomatoes as it is still a little early for our local produce.

At the moment they are looking more like this on the branches of the plant.

However it is definitely time for cherries and our trees are full of the ripe fruits. They did look quite tempting but I was only here for some photos. My quest was for the supermarket where I wanted to replenish various meat choices and some frozen vegetables. My reserve of peas was quite low in the freezer so I bought some, although it seems our harvest had failed and there was an apology on the bag that they only had produce from Belgium, although that did not bother me: a Belgian pea looked exactly the same as a Swiss pea and its taste is also the same.

Olives were also being sold, although they do not come from our country, but perhaps they might grow them in the Italian part of Switzerland down south where the weather is more sunny and warm.

There was also the wonderful selection of flowers being offered. As I now visit quite regularly I notice the new arrivals.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the apprentices from my working days. From the age of 18 he was now a young man of 30-40 years of age and had he not told me, I would not have recognised him, but it was a pleasure to talk to him. When I was a working woman, part of my job in the office was to care for the apprentices making sure they knew all the ins and outs of the business and to help them with their exams. That was so long ago, and now I met a nice young man – with his little girl and wife. How times change.

And I decided it was time to go home and left the wonderful array of plants on the market behind me. These pots were full of various herbs, mainly basil. When I arrived home I first of all had to cut slices of my neck of pork, vacuum pack them and freeze them. There was a special offer for them, and I always have my eye open for the bargains.

I left the tower of our cathedral behind me for home. Another wonderful morning at the local market and the weather was wonderful, sunny and warm.

6 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Evening!
    I forgot that it is getting past cherry season. I grew up with the last remnants of the apricot orchards of the Santa Clara Valley. My Pa grew up a few miles away, in Sunnyvale, among the cherry orchards. They have been gone for a very long time now.

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  2. Good morning .. .great photos .. the colors are so vibrant. Since completing our move … and with the larger kitchen now … I have room to return to the canning of the fruits through the summer to prepare for the winter months. I have never really paid much attention to anything other than peaches … but the apricots appear to have come and gone … quickly. I did not realize they were such an early spring fruit here in our part of the world. Next year when they first appear in the market in May it seems .. I will have to stock up and make sure I have the fraction of my mason jars that I would like for apricots to be ready. You are helping me get organized with your thoughts and photos. Take care and have a great day. SLP …

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    • Since living alone with my son, my cooking experiments are no longer. I no longer bake my own bread as we eat so little as we now eat the main meal in the evening and I am alone at lunchtime.Bravo for stewing the fruit.


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