Good Evening

Another day of 30°C heatwave weather in our part of the world, but I am not complaining. We had to wait long enough for it.

Today it was a day out in town for Mr. Swiss and I. My stepdaughter organised a taxi as she did not have enough space for two walkers in her car and she booked a table at this restaurant in town. We had a table outside and it was really pleasant. I think it was the first time that Mr. Swiss had been in town since almost a year.

It was also something completely different for me and I enjoyed it very much. The food was good and so was the company. It made a pleasant change for me to be one of the people sitting in a restaurant with a meal instead of just seeing the others enjoying their food. And a special thanks to my stepdaughter who took the time to drive from Zürich where she lives to our town which is an hour’s drive on the motorway.

The restaurant is opposite our cathedral and I managed to get some interesting photos with more detail than usual.

The cathedral is one of the landmarks of our town and I noticed a few groups of tourists making their way. It has been almost two years since our tourist trade returned after the covid pandemic.

I also managed to get some more detailed views of the various ornaments decorating the church.

It is next to the street leading to the bridge over our River Aare. On the right you can see the hotel where i had lunch. The Hotel Krone was also featured in the film Brass Target with Sophia Loren and Max von Sydow as well as Johnny Cassavetes. I remember when they made the film seeing them in town. Sophia Loren was only here for an hour so few people saw her.

When we had finished our lunch we were waiting for the taxi to arrive, but I noticed the town was then quite empty, probably too hot in the afternoon.

My son just informed me that his Rolling Stone concert in Bern will not be happening this time. Mick Jagger has managed to get Covid it seems, although you never know what is true or not. At the moment the fans have been told to keep the tickets as the concert will probably happen at a later date.

I am now going to take it easy for the rest of the day with no more stress.