Good Evening

Just as I was leaving to visit Mr. Swiss the railway barrier began to flash its red light so I realised that I would have to wait until the train passed. The road opposite leads to our local castle. Mr. Swiss had called me to say they would be having an information meeting in his golden oldie home to put them all in the picture how it would go further after their other home burnt down earlier this year. The guy would be coming to organise his scooter to be able to hang on his walker so that he could take it with him. I told him no worry, I would be there to help. When I arrived in the home the guy from the scooter place also arrived at the same time, so I could inform him what he should do. He was just finishing when Mr.Swiss arrived from the meeting so everything is now organised.

It was another hot afternoon, we are now in the middle of a heat wave, and the turtles in the poind were cooling off in the water. It is fascinating how they manage to swim around.

In the meanwhile one of the guys visited the chickens with an egg tray. When he came out he showed me the four eggs that the chickens had laid: three were brown and one was white.I asked if they would be serving them in the home, but he said it was not allowed. They only have permission to serve eggs with the official stamp on them, although the eggs would be perfect and nothing wrong with them, just an official thing. As they do not have a rooster in the home so they would not be fertilised.

I noticed on the way that the fields are now being mowed, the next crops are already growing.

In the meanwhile the train had arrived and was passing through our village.

I spent some time with Mr. Swiss but had to leave as I would be cooking the evening meal for myself and son No, 1. My stepdaughter will be coming tomorrow and will be taking Mr. Swiss and I for a meal in town at lunchtime which will be something completely different and I am looking forward to it.

The train had finally passed through our village and was no probably in the town of Solothurn.

Hope you are all having a good beginning to the week.