Good Evening

Spent the afternoon with Mr. Swiss outside in the garden of his golden oldie home. No great action, but I had my Kindle with me for some reading material and it was just pleasant to sit outside in the pavilion sheltered from the bright sun. It was a lazy afternoon and the chickens and rabbits were not showing any action. I gave Mr. Swiss orchid its weekly dose of water and I must say it is looking good. They put it in his room, but the flowers were long gone and the leaves not looking very active. Since I have been looking after it for him the leaves have picked up and I am sure I will bring it to flower again. The photo is the avenue of trees leading from our local castle.

I eventually left him for home. I made a last minute decision to travel through the local cemetery on the way as I really wanted to get a few photos. Of course cemeteries are not the liveliest places for a photo but I had time. On Sunday there is no meal to cook, you just take what you find in the fridge and kitchen and no-one was waiting for me. I travelled through the cemetery and seemed to be the only person there. I did not notice at the time, but now I realised the cemetery was completely empty except for me and some ancestors that were no longer active.

I had not visited it for some time. I scootered on and now had the choice of travelling up to the castle or take the low path past the chicken runs and stables. I decided on the chickens.

although it was difficult to get a clear view as they were now behind plastic fencing. They do tend to escape now and again. They were all in the shade as even a chicken probably feels the heat on a hot summer day.

As I passed the chicken run I looked towards the south and my luck was in. The Alps were showing themselves with some clouds surrounding them. Due to the sun shining I could not actually see what was on the photo, but only when I uploaded it at home. I was quite pleased with the view I got.

I now made my way home and when I arrived I made my usual message to Mr. Swiss that all was well. It is just along the road, but he likes to know that I arrive safely.

And now for something to eat, but nothing special. I have a diabetic problem at the moment and I just cannot bring my sugar levels down. It is probably an age thing being 75 years old. I have been diabetic for the last 30-40 years, type 2, and take my tablets regularly, but I get a bit dizzy now and again and when I measure my sugar it is quite high. I think I might be approaching the insulin pen stage slowly. I have an appointment with the doc next week. She does the long term tests with me, but the results have not been so good lately.

I wish you all a good week ahead.