FOWC with Fandango: Tense

I have learnt them all, present, past and future in German, French, and Italian, also Russian. the only nice thing about learning the Russian language is that a present tense for the verb “to be” is practically non existant.

Ok, it is not all so easy, especially if your have two types of words for how you are using the tense word in the language. Don’t ask me what I mean, after 12 years leaning the language, I never got the hang of the verb forms, and apparently no non Russian ever will.

And the photo is some of my language books. Yes I even attempted Arabic for a year, although I must say the writing was quite attractive. When I discovered that there were two types of words (sun and moon) I gave up.

FOWC with Fandango: Tense

RDP Saturday: Create

When the gardener discovered that our lawn had become a breeding place for grubs, chafer, beetle babies or whatever you call them, we decided to have a new lawn replanted.

The most efficient and quickest solution was to have a ready made rolled lawn. It was wonderful, for 1-2 years until the chafer arrived with their new generation of babies. Then I gave up, no more creative thoughts. Now we have raised beds so that the grubs cannot climb to their breedng ground and lawn no longer forms part of our garden vocabulary.

I remember in the past years when in May we would have swarms of flying objects using the garden as their airport. Since many years they no longer fly, they seem to have moved elsewhere.

RDP Saturday: Create

Good Evening

I was a bit lost for photos today. The chickens, rabbits and turtles at Mr. Swiss Golden Oldie home are getting a little boring. The Jura is not much better, but today when I uploaded this view that I passed on my home journey from Mr. Swiss visit I noticed the face in the stone in the middle at the bottom. I have been living here for 50 years and never seen it before. In the meanwhile I sent the photo to Mr. Swiss and he had never seen that face before. Perhaps nature decided to create it after all the rain we have had.

Otherwise I just made a few photos of the surroundings of our village. This is the farm where they have some interesting animals, about 250 chickens, a few roosters, plenty of geese and horses. The sign advertises free range eggs and pony rides, although as far as I have seen they only have one pony and I have never seen anyone riding it. This is all in the grounds of the local castle Waldegg.

But now the crops are growing quite high and interfering with the view of the castle.

I now have permission to park my scooter in the parking spaces of Mr. Swiss home. I parked it at the entrance, there was plenty of space, but there is s bicycle path that runs past it and so a few people decided it was not so good. However, the staff in the home decided as I was quite a regular visitor I could park officially on their parking space, although I do not take away space for a car. I can fit it in at the side quite well. There is even a gate giving me quicker access to the home if it is not locked, which it is mostly, but I am quite happy with the new arrangement.

This afternoon we spent the time outside in their pavilion which is very comfortable. You can sit in the sun or shelter. There is also space in another part of the grounds where most go for something to eat and drink, but there are less people where we sit and there is always something to drink. I am so lucky to live so near. The pen containing the chickens and rabbits is opposite and the pond is next to it. Just along the path there is an enclosure for the pigs and goats.

Wherever you look there is plenty of vegetation. Above all I am glad that Mr. Swiss is being well cared for.

My No. 1 son is quite excited as next Friday he will be going to see the Rolling Stones. They are coming to Bern. He managed to get a ticket a few months ago, it was quite an excitement and not cheap. I think he said something about 180 Swiss francs, but he is one of their biggest fans. He has been to a few concerts of the Stones, I think every time they come to Switzerland. There is a coach organisation that takes them to the concert. Anyhow it means being alone for the afternoon and evening for me, but that is OK. Perhaps he will snap a few photos whilst he is there.

The crops are getting higher in the fields ad our castle is slowly disappearing. I thought I might get a few photos of the cows today, but they are no longer in the field during the day. They are probably now during the night outside as it gets a little too hot during the day.

I took the day off from blogging yesterday, but I am back again today. Have a good week-end everyone.