Good Evening

Today we had a bit of everything, beginning with a sunny morning, rain after dinner and eventually a sky as on the photo, although still some drops of rain now and again. It did not bother me too much as I made off in the afternoon for some time with Mr. Swiss. Today was hairdresser day, so I did not stay too long. They really have it well organised in his home. The podiatrist also makes regular visits. I am also now ready for a podiatrist. It is one of the things that as you get older you can no longer deal with yourself. Luckily my cleaning lady is qualified and so she will be dealing with my foot problems.

Otherwise it was the usual animal group that were busy in the pond. They have five turtles, but you do not always see them all as they tend to hide under the large stones. However, today I had luck to find three of them having a group swim in the pond.

About a month ago they had new chickens. They were quite young but are now growing and noticed today their feathers are changing colour.

Mr. Swiss contacted our scooter company today to have his scooter altered. He never needed a walker constantly but now he does and they will adapt it to the same as mine so that he can take it with him wherever he goes. He will then be able to visit me now and again. I live very near and there are no roads that he has to travel, just wide paths. Anyhow the guy will be coming next week on Monday to do the necessary to his scooter. We are so lucky to be near to each other.

The home is in the middle of farming country and I noticed today the wheat field just over the wall. The crops are really growing and I love the poppies that appear in the field here and there.

Otherwise I was busy putting fresh linen on my bed this morning and had some work with accounts etc. Now that I have become the accountant at home for everyone I have to keep order, but thanks to the computer it is no problem. My days of being a average housewife are now over, but I enjoy the tasks and learning something new.

Enjoy the remainder of the day.