Good Evening

It was market day Wednesday again in town so I had decided to saddle my scooter and go along in the morning to have a look.

There were flowers everywhere and life is now back to normal. The days of empty streets are now over since Covid has taken a back seat, but it is still hovering around. I do not think it will ever disappear, but become something like measles or chicken pox that turns up now and again.

The local chickens were also busy fulfilling their duties as egg layers and the farmers had plenty to offer together with their own home made jam.

And it is apricot time again.

They mainly grow in the area of Switzerland in the Kanton of Wallis/Valais towards the South where the climate is ideal.

The vegetables sold on our market are naturally also local produce from the various farms in our area. It was quite crowded this morning and I saw a few familiar faces, but you cannot stop and talk to people as you are in the way. I did have a conversation with a fellow scooterist. As usual we compared scooters and he told me that he had his especially made faster. Mine goes the normal 11-12 kilometers per hour at top speed, but his manages 30 kilometers an hour and has a special numberplate. I decided I am happy with my snail speed. He travels greater distances than I do however. It is always interesting to get other ideas on your travel system.

I also called in at the supermarket for some meat supplies from the butcher. She had steak already cut and sealed and I was tempted to get two pieces for myself and No. 1 son. However, when she told me the price of one I told her to cut me two slices a little thinner. She said that certain meat prices, especially beef, have increased considerably due to the price of gas/petrol going up because of the Ukraine war. Prices are really increasing everywhere. Even my toilet paper is now two francs more.

Eventually I decided it was time for the home run and did a last tour through the market on the way. All my married life I never had a lot of time for visiting markets but now, being alone, I have discovered that I can fit in my visits easily and there is plenty to see there.

One of the last sights I see when leaving town is the St. Urs cathedral as I veer to the left to pass through the road beneath the Basel Tower. You can see it in the photo.

I did visit Mr. Swiss this afternoon. It was raining but not so much and he was surprised and pleased to see me. I have the weather on my phone

At the moment the forecast tells me heavy rain and 17°C, but we have no rain at the moment. This morning it was showing heavy showers all day tomorrow, but now when I look it is light rain and sunshine most of the afternoon. I think someone is playing a practical joke somewhere.

Anyhow let us not spoil the day with weather reports, but try to make the most of it. I wish you all what I wish myself. The local train passed by on my way home just opposite where Mr. Swiss has his golden oldie retreat.