Good Afternoon

I know, but it is a little too early for an evening greeting. Although on one side of my home we have sunny skies and light fluffy clouds, the other side tells a different story, As I was having my midday sleep I could here claps of thunder and afterwards rain falling. Mr. Swiss called me to stay at home today as the weather was so uncertain and he did not want me to drowned in the falling rain. The sun came out, but I had slept too long to go anywhere. The afternoon was pleasant for an hour but but the thunder has returned.

Home is also quite pleasant. It has been my/our home for the past almost 30 years, but now just one chair is occupied during the evening, Mr. Swiss now residing in his golden oldie home, but he is not so far away. I very rarely sit in these chairs: am mainly at the computer in the evening and being a golden oldie myself tend to retire to bed earlier.

However I can always see what is happening outside through the windows. The wheelchair outside remains mainly unused, but it is useful to have it – you never know. I have an electric wheelchair for excusions outside, although I mainly use ny scooter.

And now there are crashes of thunder again outside and the rain will soon be returning again.

I decided to treat myself to an ice cream to brighten up my afternoon.

The clouds on the other side of the apartment towards the mountains were not looking so friendly. I received a delivery of groceries this morning and are comfortable with my food supplies. Tomorrow morning it looks brighter and I hope to go into town. It will also be our vegetable and fruit market.

I hope your weather is a little more settled than ours.

6 thoughts on “Good Afternoon

  1. Settled for a week, but changing as I sit here. Heavy rain expected and before I go to bed, I guess I should close a few windows. We need the rain since May was almost rainless, but I have to admit I was enjoying a few sunny weeks. It rains so much earlier in the season, it was great to get some time off.

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    • We are getting rain daily, but with sunshine in between. At least I do not have to give the garden water. There is also a cold wind blowing now and again.


  2. Good morning … great pictures of the ice cream and the weather rolling in. Your easy chairs look so … comfortable … I imagine it sometimes might be a bit difficult to get in and out of the sofa on your own but the chairs do look inviting. Hopefully you will have a great day today. SLP …

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    • I don’t attempt to sit on the sofa. Our armchairs are special and called “stressless”, but I have to sit on a cushion – one of the problems of getting older.


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