Good Evening

At last we got some decent constant sunny weather today, although tomorrow is constant rain probably. This morning it was good to enjoy the weather, although I had some ironing to do left over from the week-end washing. I also did some final organising. My husband has a super collection of films, really good, but I no longer watch a film, too little time during the day and I have seen most of them. Anyhow I have now put then in two drawers, although there are still about 50-100 to be sorted. I still have two empty drawers in a cupboard, so that task will also be completed eventually.

Otherwise I spent the afternoon with Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home with the farmyard population. The chickens all gathered together for a photo. The rabbit also joined in, although his ears did not really match.

I really have to give this chicken a special mention. Every time when I go to the enclosure she leaves the others and runs (chicken run of course) to me and stays next to the fence watching me. I think she likes me, although I have never fed her or even given her a feather touch. Must be something to do with the photos I take or perhaps she thinks I am a big chicken. I do cluck a little with her now and again.

The Mallard Duck pair were also at the pond today. It is their pond of course, but sometimes they go for a flight somewhere else. The River Aare is quite near.

Life was quite busy in the pond this afternoon. The turtles were swimming and the Koi fish was also making the most of the water.

Everyone seemed to be making the most of their watery environment. If they knew how many golden oldies watch their daily routine. It really is a good place where Mr. Swiss is and I am so glad that he is so well looked after. It was a turbulent begin to the year, but things are now settling down I am glad to say.

I am now settling down to a quiet evening and closing the computer down slowly but surely. I leave you with a view of the home and chapel next to it showing the path along the railway that takes me home – just 4-5 minutes away. We are very lucky to be so near to each other. As you can see the local railway station is just opposite the home. Have a good rest of the day.