Good Evening

What a day weatherwise this has been. When the rains came down it poured, concentrated for five minutes

Yes.they are raindrops and not flowers on the tree. Luckily Mr. Swiss and I were in shelter, although my scooter was unprotected in the rain. However I was prepared and had brought a towel with my to dry it all. After the rain we had 30-40 minutes of brilliant sunshine and warm weather, almost unbelievable. The afternoon was not completely lost.

The chickens were also careful about leaving their coop and tested the weather by placing one clawed foot in front of the other. I am now at home and we are still getting rain showers, although we now have another pause and the sun is shining, accompanied by claps of thunder in the distance.

But those chickens were really being careful where they were putting their feet. One advantage of this weather is that I do not have to water the garden.

Tomorrow is Whit Monday but it is no longer a national holiday. The stores in town are closed, but my son has to go to work. For me another day at home.Since I am now finished with my big organising and cleaning at home, life is becoming a little boring. These holidays in between are really complicating my shopping system. I depend on online delivery but have to order on different days to ensure my delivery slot. The next is Ascension day some time later in June and then we have peace until August for some sort of catholic holiday. It seems we have continuous days of holiday at the moment.

Sounds like another storm is on its way outside.Keep safe everyone.

3 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Awesome! Since we get almost all of our rain during winter, we do appreciate it when it happens, . . . and it actually did happen last night! It was SO weird, since it was warm and humid, like rain in some other tropical climate. It was not heave of course, but it was damp nonetheless. Yours looks more excellent.

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