Good Evening

No silly rain showers to spoil the day today, but plenty of sun and warmth. The morning was nothing special but this afternoon I spent a couple of hours with my Mr. Swiss. He now has his Kindle and today I received the charger device that I ordered from Amazon. I have one, but he needs his own now he is in his golden oldie abode. Now he is quite happy that he can read his books on the Kindle, although it also functions on his telephone.

When I left him I scootered to the grounds of the local castle and the geese were out keeping an eye on things.

There was quite a flock of them there, but for a change there was no noise. They can be quite loud sometimes.

There were also a herd of cows grazing on the land opposite Mr. Swiss home. You can hear them before you see them because of the bells they carry around their neck.

And that was my exciting day, but it is good to be able to relax with no stress. I had forgotten to get my favourite bread for Sunday, that I can bake up myself, but no problem. No. 1 son brought me a loaf whilst he was in town this afternoon. This evening I have a wash to do in the machine and the dishwasher will be used. I always run the machines after 9.00 in the evening as then electricity is half price, and it is really worth it.

I also had a look in at the local stables, but the horses were mainly in their boxes.

I wish everyone a good remainder of the day and see you tomorrow, same time and same place.

And yes, the neighbour’s cat Roschti arrived for some cat goodies. He regularly visits every day and waits patiently until he gets something from me. Afterwards he settles down on my porch for a sleep.