Good Evening

I really do not understand this weather. The morning began with sun and stayed. After dinner I had my midday sleep and heard the rain outside. I was not very happy as I had an appointment with the doctor in the afternoon which i did not want to postpone but travelling on a scooter in the rain is not ideal. However, the weather gods were sympathetic and it stopped raining as I left for the doctor. My next problem was that I was a week too early for the doc and had got a little confused. However, she made time to see me and now I have my tablets for my giddy spells, although another appointment in a couple of weeks to see how I am doing.

Now we have brilliant sunshine in the evening and it really looks like it will be a good evening.

I tend to listen to the British Radio during the day, and at the moment everyone in England has the Platinum Jubilee Fever celebrating the queen’s 70 years on the throne of England. Being a Brit I thought I would mention it, although I am not one of those Brits that belongs to her fan club. She is OK but in small doses. She did send my dad a birthday card (see photo) although she had to be reminded that he was 100 years old and she even signed the card. My dad passed away some years ago, but I have the card in my possession.

I think at that moment he did decide to become a monarchist,

Otherwise I had to cross the River Aare to get to the doc as she is in another part of town. I do not often go to that part of town, although we did live there for 20 years.

Many of the old buildings have been demolished and it seems to have become one restaurant after the other. The streets are much wider and busses circulate.

This used to be a cinema, but now seems to be a hall of some kind. I think they have art exhibitions there now and again.

Mr.Swiss managed to survive without my daily visit, although he did forget that I had an appointment with the doc. One of our mutual problems is forgetting. Must be something to do with getting older. I am alone this evening, No. 1 son is at a rock concert. I think I will take it easy this evening and now to make something to eat.

Wish everyone a good rest of the day and a good start into the week-end. If you happen to be a Brit, enjoy you jubilee parties.

11 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Given the supposed freedom we really don’t have, monarchy starts to sound better and better.

    The weather is climate change on the loose. Right now, it’s making weather weird and unpredictable which for New England is just a little left of normal, but in other places where weather is more settled, it’s getting very strange. Droughts and floods and fires and mudslides, one after the other all year round. It will get worse unless we do something about it. Which I think isn’t likely because I don’t see any of the big polluting nations doing ANYTHING except talking about it. If we wait long enough, it will do something to us and we probably won’t like it.

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    • Can only agree with you. My garden this year has never had such wonderful flowers, but it somehow does not seem natural. I think we all have a monarchy, just goes under a different name.


    • I listen to Classic FM radio a lot, and they are really overdoing it a little: playing Elgar all day, Vaughn williams and the rest of the Brits. It seems they even have a studio in Buckingham Palace.


  2. Good Day!
    I do not understand the allure of the royalty, although it is difficult to dislike Queen Elizabeth II. She is so elegant and refined. American Society could benefit from the influence of someone like that, rather than . . . well, you know.

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