FOWC with Fandango: Extemporaneous

Not knowing this word I had a look for the German version which is “Spontan” similar to spontaneous in English and then these two rabbits came to my mind. Was this spontaneous. I mentioned to the guy in charge of the animals that there might be little rabbits hopping around eventually. He was shocked and said that they were all female rabbits. I showed him my photo and he was a little astonished. Someone might have slipped a male one in, who knows – or perhaps they were just two friendly rabbits being extemporaneous.

FOWC with Fandango: Extemporaneous

Good Evening

Our local Jura mountain was looking quite good with a fringe of cloud hanging on to the top this afternoon as I scootered past.

This morning I was finished with all my housewife chores and decided I had enough time to scooter along to town. I had a few groceries I needed and also wanted to visit the dentist again. The dental lady advised that I should use the brushes for cleaning the spaces at the base of the tooth in between as my gums were getting embedded and getting very sensitive. I must say I did feel like a vampire yesterday when she finished cleaning them. I used to use the brushes regularly but afraid I did neglect them. I decided to get a supply from the dentist. The dental receptionist said when I needed them I could just make a telephone call and she would send them to me in an envelope. I clean my teeth three times daily after meals, but she said I only need to use the brushes just once a day and in the evening before I go to bed, so fair enough.

After my call in at the dentist I visited the store and got my supplies. It was also good to get out a bit and see other people.

Being alone all day can get a little boring and there is always something interesting to see in town like this collection of fruit and veg outside a store.

Pigeon life in town seemed to be qute lively and this bird just could not take his eyes off of me.

There were quite a few pigeons walking around. These seem to be playing a game of “follow my leader” with the pigeon at the front leading the way.

After lunch and my midday sleep I called in at Mr. Swiss. He was having a problem with his Kindle. I charged it up for him but it was only showing the Kindle picture. I took it home and had a look. He had not used it for a few months, so I did a restart and now everything is working perfectly again.

We had the paper and cardboard collection today. My No. 1 son did the brilliant job of putting ours outside yesterday. This is not all ours, some belongs to the neighbours. I noticed wherever I went today there were piles of paper and cardboard everywhere waiting to be collected. I heard the noise of the trucks collecting it all. I suppose it is one of the disadvantages of ordering online. Everything arrives in a box which no-one really needs.

I do not know why, but it seems the animals always follow me with their eyes. This turtle was in the pond where Mr. Swiss now resides. I think they like to have their photo taken.

I will now move on. I have a wash to do this evening and start up the dishwasher. See you tomorrow, same time and same place.