Good Evening

Yes it was market day again in town with its flowers and vegetables. I like to go into town on Wednesday morning, but today I had another quest. It was time for a dental hygiene check-up. I am supposed to have one annually, but due to my troubled life and circumstances in the past I just did not have the time to visit the dentist. Now that Mr. Swiss is being cared for in his Golden Oldie Refuge, I decided it was time to look after myself. So I scootered through the market, taking a few photos on the way of course, and eventually arrived at the dentist.

Looks like there were some cheap pieces of water melon to be had, but I did not bother.

Anyhow things went OK at the dentist, but she found my gums were a little sensitive. Actually when she was finished poking around on them and told me to rinse, I felt like a vampire, but after 40 minutes the work was finished and I had nice shiny polished teeth, as least for a day. The next appointment will probably be in 9 months. Actually in our family no-one had their own teeth when they were my age, so I am doing quite well. Of course I do have one gold tooth and most are filled but no big problems at the moment.

Back to the market, there was plenty of fresh green stuff being offered. It was all quite small so I supposed the idea is to plant it in the vegetable bed in the garden afterwards.

This was naturally not for planting, but for eating: rows of salad ready to be chopped and mixed in a salad sauce.

By the way a couple of days ago I mentioned that we had a guy lighting fires everywhere that they have now arrested at last. Now more has been released and it seems that this guy was one of the firemen in the leading squad and even turned up with the others to put out the fires. More investigations are being made, but he will not be lighting any more fires or extinguishing them for some time.

And that was my morning at the market – and dentist – in town.

I spent a couple of hours with Mr. Swiss this afternoon. The lady clown was entertaining everyone again, she comes once a month. I brought him his Kindle as he has found his interest in reading again. I had to order a charger device through Amazon as I use the one we have. It will be delivered in a couple of days so he can upload books that he would like to read.

It looks like a rainy day tomorrow so I will probably be at home. On Friday I have to see the doc in the afternoon as I am getting too many giddy spells at the moment for comfort, although today has been a good day. There are times when this MS really bothers me as you never know what new problems can occur and as time goes it does not get better.

Now time to move on. Hope all is well with everyone.

10 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. The photos make me want to go to market with you. They are bright, colorful, fun and a day in your life, very different from ours. Crazy story about the fires, glad the hot the guys. They will be the talk of the town for a bit.

    Feel better. Sounds like you make sure to stay on top of your health. Good on you. Donna

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  2. Good morning … thank you for the wonderful pictures of the flower and vegetable market. I love to go to these kinds of events and you pictures have a “you are there” feel for us who can only look in through the internet. Take care and have a great day.

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