Good Evening

Another good day today, sun but with a cool breeze. I managed to scooter along without a jacket so it was not too bad. The morning was the usual hoover operation with some dusting and a cooked lunch, so no stress, just the usual housewife life.

This afternoon I took a trip down the road to see Mr. Swiss. He has one plant in his room, an orchid. It belongs to the home and someone gave it to him, but its flower past is some time ago. I am now doctoring it with a weekly supply of water and fertiliser now and again and the leaves are showing signs of life. A very small shoot has also appeared, so who knows.

Otherwise animal life was quite busy outside in the grounds of the home. The rabbits and chickens were hopping and scratching around.

The chickens seem to have adopted me and as soon as they see me they scuttle over to the fence.

And, of course, pose for a selfie, close up to the camera.

Even the rabbits are getting quite friendly. I never realised how quickly they can hop around and take such large strides with their legs.

I spent a couple of hours there. It is so comfortable outside and I was quite happy to listen to some music on my iPhone and read further in my book on the phone. We had the whole pavilion to ourselves.It is opposite the animal enclosure and we found a nice sunny spot for our comfortable armchairs outside which also have nice soft cushions. Life in a golden oldie home is really not so bad, at least in this one.

We have had some interesting news in our area over the past month. Someone began to light fires in various farm buildings. It was usually somewhere with wooden structures which burn quite fiercely in the dry warm weather we have had lately. We have had about 5-6 fires up to now and the police were searching for the culprit as it was definitly a pyromane. Today good news and an arrest has been made of a 32 year old man. The photo is from one of the fires which I “borrowed” from one of our newspapers. Luckily no-one was injured or killed but a few made homeless.

And that is my life for today. Tomorrow Sunday so nothing big planned, although I still have the custom of cooking something special for Sunday lunch – tomorrow steak.

May the week-end be a good one.

10 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good morning … sorry to hear about the fires in the farm buildings .. thankfully they have arrested the culprit. Now everyone can sleep safe and sound. Take care and have a great day. SLP.

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