Good Evening

Another cloud picture in the sky today matching the wonderful warm pre summer weather that we have. It seems that every flower in my garden has decided to open.

I dropped in at the golden oldie refuge to see Mr. Swiss. I must say since he has been there, now almost four months, he has improved a lot: put on some weight and gradually returning to his old self. He still needs help from the staff, but no longer so much and sleeps well throughout the night with no problems. We are now planning on his first visit home with his scooter to see how it goes. Just a couple of hours in the afternoon.

I looked in at the pond where Mr. Swiss is, and saw this interesting fish swimming around. Otherwise the turtles had all hidden themselves from the sun beneath their various rocks and the chickens were all sheltering in the shade.

Mr. Swiss and I sat outside in the pavilion with some others who were also enjoying the afternoon and we got served with something to drink and some biscuits. There was even a radio playing in the background with some Swiss folk music, which is OK, but not really my taste. I do not know why people seem to think that that is the music that the golden oldies want to hear. Then the programme changed and it was an hour of jazz music which suited us both more.

On the way home I stopped in at the farm next to the castle and noticed that the geese were having quite a loud conversation with each other. I do not know what the problem was, but they were all talking at the same time.

It also seems that the first crops are now being harvested.

Although that did not seem to bother the cows next to the field who were having an afternoon relaxation time.

And now my day of duties is finished. We have had the evening meal and I will be having a quiet evening. I have some ironing to do, but that can wait. I have nothing special planned for the week-end. There is enough food at home after getting a delivery this morning. At the moment there seems to be a wind picking up outside. Perhaps we might have a storm this evening. I do not mind, thenI do not have to water the garden.

I now leave you and wish a good week-end for all.

11 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Wow … everything is so busy … the fluffy clouds look like little whisps of cotton swirling along in the breeze. Wonderful. Take care and have a great weekend. All the best to Mr. Swiss. SLP …

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  2. Good Day!
    That fish is a koi. We would like to add some to one of our drainage ponds, but are concerned that they could escape into the creek below. We need to put mosquito fish into the pond to eat mosquitoes, but they are not a problem to the ecosystem. The ‘new’ but now old San Jose City Hall, which was abandoned several years ago, was constructed with a koi pond that was partially inside the lobby, and partially in the garden out front. It was excellent, . . . but the koi proliferated so much that another pond was built for them in a big park to the south. The fish continued to proliferate until pet stores started collecting the babies to sell.

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