Good Evening

So let us see what we have today. Of course made an afternoon visit to Mr. Swiss and here you can see his Golden Oldie home on the left next to the church. The church has nothing to do with the home basically, it just happens to be built there. I do not know what the home was originally, but inside it is up to modern standards. I think it goes back to the 14th century. Anyhow it was another wonderful sunny day with clouds floating past and no trace of anything like rain. It is now the time that when it would rain it would be a storm with thunder and lightening and afterwards disappear.

I think every time I visit I discover yet another animal outside in the gardens. This time a male mallard duck was having a paddle in the pond surrounded by water lily leaves. I cannot wait until the flowers appear. There are a pair of ducks but this is the first time I saw the male of the species. Perhaps there might be some babies somewhere.

This time I also managed to get a shot of the one and only floppy eared bunny that they have. I had never seen one before.

I must say the home is well organised and the courtyard is also a place where many like to sit in the warm afternoons. It is pleasant and shady from the linden tree that grows in the middle of the yard.

Otherwise it was a pleasant afternoon and there was plenty of discussion about the golden oldie outing on Thursday when all will be going on a trip to a Swiss Lake. It takes quite a bit of planning when you have to take 4-5 wheelchairs with you, although Mr. Swiss does not need one and can manage with his walker. There will be plenty of carers to look after the people. On Thursday I will be completely alone. Mr. Swiss will be on his outing and No. 1 son will not be at home in the evening as there is a rock concert commemorating a local pop musician that passed away as a young man some years ago. As my No. 1 son is known in the pop music circles here he will be there from beginning to the end.

My pleasure in the whole thing is to cook and eat what I like. I am easy to please and have decided on spaghetti with prawns.

This evening we had chilli con carne with rice – easy to cook and there were no leftovers.

My cleaning lady will be here tomorrow morning instead of today as she was somewhere on holiday since the week-end. I have now at last really finished organising cupboards and drawers in my apartment. At last I know where everything is and no longer have unwanted objects. I could now begin to clear out the hobby room in the cellar, but that has time.

All I have now to say is enjoy your day.

10 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. The flop-eared bunny looks a lot bigger than the other one–or is that just the angle of the photo? Mr Swiss lives in a pretty wonderful place. And the trip Thursday is still a go? Glad Covid did not dampen those plans.

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  2. Good Morning! I suppose it is just after 8:30 now. Those lily pads are quite mature. I suspect that all the foliage is new this spring, and that old foliage dies back over winter. We just added six to a drainage pond here, and they grow very fast!

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