FOWC with Fandango: Enthusiastic

I have been enthusiastic about creating order in my life. It might sound silly, but you collect so much unnecessary ballast over the years, which I realised you do not need. Ok you always ned a computer, in my case two – an apple and windows model, but that is enough on my desk. I am now living alone and really do not need all the bits and pieces.

And then there is the room which became a sort of office. And so I went through every drawer and cupboard and created order. Even every file was scrutinised. Any documents more than 10 years old were cast away when realising that they were no longer necessary in my life. This quest for order began this year in February and finished this morning when I filled the last garbage bag with unnecessary goods.

Why write about it? Because I am content. I really do not need the weight of ballast in my life and now I know where everything is. At least I think so. I always have my smartphone and computer should I forget.

FOWC with Fandango: Enthusiastic

2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Enthusiastic

  1. oh I DO admire you. I’m also weighed down with the surplus of a rich life and since we moved back to Switzerland to a MUCH (v.much so) smaller place it’s mostly a big ennui and a burden to have all those beautiful, so much loved items we surely will never ever be able to use, look at, hang up, store….
    And the cleaning up, giving away, the ‘not quite yet’ attitude is so energy sucking, it hurts! So, well done you…..

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    • I now feel relieved that the job is done and I had a wonderful cleaning lady that knew exactly where to dispose of the unwanted objects. You know the Swiss can be very fussy about where and how you dispose of unwanted goods. Every cupboard and drawer is now free, clean and organised. There is so much you collect throughout life that you really do not need.

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